• Shipped in USPS priority bag to certain locations to minimize our carbob footprint
  • CAPACITY AND DIMENSIONS: These small bags are 13 Gallon bags, size 29.5in x 23.6in x 1.0 mil(thickness). The bags are small enough to easily carry and large enough to fit the standard kitchen trash cans. 1.0mil thickness is the strongest among 13 gallon compostable and biodegradable trash bags
  • 100% COMPOSTABLE: Our bags while being the strongest in the market are also 100% compostable and 100% biodegradeable. They are made from completely decomposable plant starches and contain NO PLASTIC AND NO POLYETHYLENE. These make for great 13 gallon recycling bags.
  • CERTIFICATION:The bag meets ASTM D6400 standards for composting and OK COMPOST. They are eco freindly and perfect solution for recyclable materials , garbage disposal, container liners, and collecting any bio degradable scrap materials
  • STRONG, DURABLE AND ECOFRIENDLY: These compostable and biodegradable trash bags are of 1.0 mil thickness , the thickest among the 13 Gallon compost bags, providing a strong and durable product yet completely biodegradable. they make for great recycling bags, yard bags, yard waste bags, compost bags for backyard composting.
  • STORAGE AND RETURNS:Its recommended to use the product in 1 year from the date of purchase. Please store the product in a cool dry place as Sun and Water decompose the bags. Only Unopened boxes can be returned due to the nature of the product

13 Gallon Compostable and 100% Biodegradable Trash Bags - 1.0 mil thick 100 bags

SKU: B07H53G46Z_13G
    • Use these bags for food waste only. (No chemicals, soaps, dish washing fluids, etc)
    • Can use for wood trimmings, leaves, etc in the garden (avoid pesticide sprayed materials)>
    • Do not put liquids in the bag
    • Always allow food waste to cool before putting in bags
    • These bags are not meant for direct contact with dog poop and cat litter. The bacteria in the animal waste disintegrates the bags very fast as it is plant material. 
    • Store bags in cool and dry place. Sun and water decompose the bags
    • The bags are best fit for 1-3 days of food waste collection. If you are disposing soggy foods, its advised to put a few layers of newspaper around the bottom of the bag.
    • The bags at 1mil thickness are the strongest in its class of 13gallon bags, but they decompose with exposure to heat, water and moisture, like they are meant to. Most bags decompose completely in 45-90 days.