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Peeltox Foot Patches by JTSC Products

Aromatic Foot Pads - Bamboo Vinegar Foot Patches by Peeltox - Lavender, Green Tea, Rose and Mint Aroma Foot Pads

Product Features:

  • PURE NATURAL ORGANIC INGREDIENTS: Our Peeltox Foot pads are made from pure quality ingredients. The foot patches are made from Bamboo Vinegar, Tourmaline, Vitamin C, Chitosan and herbs.

  • AROMA FOOT PADS: These Aromatic foot patches come in natural smells, Lavender, Green tea, Rose and Mint flavors.

  • PACKED IN PAIRS TO SEAL THE FRESHNESS TILL YOU OPEN:  The foot patches are packaged in pairs to seal the smells until you open the patches every night.

  • SIMPLE AND EASY TO USE: Clean your feet before use. Peel the sticker and attach the foot patch to your feet as shown in pictures. Peel and stick with our PEELTOX foot pads. Our simple to use 2-IN-1 design eliminates the need for separate patch and sticker and assembly every night. The patches are designed to stay over night.



We have sourced the purest ingredients and carefully packaged the ingredients and herbs. Peeltox foot patches are made in Asia using locally sourced fresh ingredients.



Our foot patches are simple and easy to use. The simple 2 in 1 design replaces the need for having a separate patch and sticker. The glue is designed to stay all night long.



We supply a mixture of 4 Aroma foot patches. Lavender, Rose. Green tea and Mint provide nice subtle aromatic scents.



  • 30 packs have 6 to 8 foot patches for each flavor - Lavender, Rose, Green tea and Mint. 

  • 150 packs have 30 to 40 foot patches for each flavor - Lavender, Rose, Green tea and Mint. 

  • The foot patches are packed in pairs, so as to to seal in the freshness. One pack of 2 can be used every night, one foot patch on each foot.



  • Clean your feet before and after using to remove any dirt or any residue from the glue

  • Position a patch on the sole of your foot. Put one on each foot

  • Keep the foot patch on your foot for 8 hours or longer (recommend bed time).

30 Pack UPC- 757284217852
150 Pack UPC- 707486544072
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